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Introduction of DVDs

“Let’s Learn Japanese by DVDs. Erin’s Challenge! I Can Speak Japanese.” is Japanese teaching material with DVDs. This website is based on this material, which consists of three textbooks (Vol. 1-Vol. 3) and four DVDs in total.

Let's Learn Japanese by DVDs. Erin's Challenge! I Can Speak Japanese./Three Volumes/[Vol.1] 1 DVD (186 minutes) + textbook (B5 224p)/[Vol.2] 1 DVD (192 minutes) + textbook (B5 234)/[Vol.3] 2 DVDs (226 minutes) + textbook (B5 292p)/ Publisher: Bonjinsha/Subtitles of NTSC version: Japanese, English, Portuguese, Korean and Chinese/Subtitles of PAL version: Japanese, English and Chinese/*Subtitles are added to basic skits and advanced skits only.

These DVDs offer the following advantages.

Larger and clearer images!
Website images are small in order to be used over the Internet. With the DVDs, images can be viewed in a larger and clearer format. This will help Japanese-language teachers who wish to show videos during class.

Study while following the program
While individual video clips are separately viewed on the website, the DVDs offer the entire program as broadcast on TV without changes. So if you view the videos as Erin and Honigon explain, the 20 minutes of each lesson will pass by very quickly.

Includes many video clips not available on the website
“Japanese around the world,” a popular section of the TV broadcast, introduces many people studying or working with Japanese in different countries around the world. “Japanese High School Students,” original video clips on the DVDs, feature 10 Japanese high school students. These video clips allow you to practice Japanese and look at Japanese culture. They also raise the motivation to study Japanese.

Sample video clip

Study Japanese with deluxe textbooks whenever you want!
The deluxe textbooks—three volumes and 672 pages in total—have scripts of the videos and many exercises, explanations and illustrations. Manga and the illustrations are printed clearly in a larger size than on the website, and they can be very helpful for Japanese classroom activity.

Support in four languages!
Subtitles for skits (basic and advanced) in the DVDs are available in English, Chinese, Korean and Portuguese. Textbooks also have translations of the skits in these four languages.

Value price for substantial contents!
The total length of the DVDs is 604 minutes; despite the substantial contents, one volume is only 2,400 yen and three volumes 7,200 yen (plus tax). Compared to other video materials for Japanese-language education, the value is undeniable.

Use our DVDs as well as our website!

Inquiries on purchase and material:
Bonjinsha Inc. (, 1-3-13, Hirakawa-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0093/Tel: 03-3263-3959/Fax: 03-3263-3116
/The DVDs are also available at bookstores carrying Japanese educational materials in Japan and at the online shop.

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